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Day excursion from Fes to Chefchaouen



This is a one-day excursion from Fes to Chefchaouen, also known as the blue city of Morocco. We will commence the tour by picking you up from your lodging in Fes early in the morning, and then driving through the picturesque Rif Mountains. 

Along the way, we will take breaks to admire the stunning panoramic views and accommodate your requirements. Once we arrive in Chefchaouen, we will discover the city’s famous blue medina and wander through its authentic streets. Lastly, in the afternoon, we will return to Fes.



Join us for a day trip from fes to chefchaouen departing at 8:00 am from your hotel in Fes, Morocco. Our destination is the charming town of Chefchaouen, located in the picturesque Rif Mountains and known as a popular tourist spot.

Under the guidance of your expert driver, you'll get to know the best of this welcoming city, including sites worth seeing, delicious restaurants, and breathtaking sights.

Begin your journey by exploring the picturesque streets and alleys of the medina, where the whitewashed walls and blue buildings will captivate you. Then visit the local market, where you can buy unique traditional handicrafts in various stores.

Don't forget to visit the main square of Chefchaouen, where you can immerse yourself in the different languages spoken by the locals, including Spanish and French.You can also listen to the call to prayer in the historic mosque of Chefchaouen and visit the Ras Elma river that flows through the old town.

To end the day, we'll hike to the Spanish Mosque, which offers panoramic views of the entire blue city. Your driver will then take you back to your accommodation in Fes, where an unforgettable day trip from fes to chefchaouen comes to an end

day trip from fes to chefchaouen
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The Morocco tour itinerary provided is merely an example of the tours we provide. If you don’t find your preferred itinerary on our list or wish to include additional cities, places, or activities that are not mentioned, just inform us about your interests, preferred destinations, and budget, and we will suggest a personalized tour for you. Please contact us if this Morocco tour does not suit your requirements, and we will design a trip that matches your needs.

The price of the tour depends on the number of people participating; the more people participating, the lower the cost per person. Since transportation costs are constant, the total cost is divided among the participants. In addition, the price may be affected by the quality of accommodation. Please contact us for an exact quote.